Wednesday, June 19, 2013

on and on

Hour 50-51 of my fast, feeling fine. Tired, but after the first 24 hours it becomes easier. It's easy to tell yourself to keep going because you already know you can do this. I want food, but I don't need it.

So now I'll be going to sleep and by the time I wake up I'll be pretty much right at 60 hours of fasting.

Final weigh-in at the end of my shift was 142.1, which is down 2.7 pounds from yesterday ... that seems almost impossible, but I do love seeing some results during fasting.

I'm already thinking about my fast-break ... I'm either gonna have a veggie burger and a couple of bananas or, if I can find five bucks, I'll get myself a rotisserie chicken. According to the internets, they are not high-cal ... and it sounds like an amazing treat to myself. Plus, my cat would be glad to help me eat it :)

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